Serving Fayette, Monroe, Raleigh, and Summers Counties of West Virginia


FMRS Health Systems, Inc. was originally organized as a comprehensive mental health center on April 14, 1969.  Initially known as FMRS Mental Health Council, the center changed its name in 2001 to more appropriately capture the broad array of services provided in the four counties where it focuses its service delivery.  FMRS has offices in Raleigh County, Fayette County, Summers County and Monroe County.  Specialized programs are offered to meet the needs of children and adults experiencing emotional, behavioral, developmental or substance abuse problems.  Our goal is to assist people in identifying and addressing problems early in an effort to prevent more serious difficulties from occurring.  Over the years, the manner in which the services are provided has changed to mirror advances in the field, but the mission remains the same.

Mission Statement

FMRS Health Systems, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the emotional and behavioral health of residents of southern West Virginia through advocacy, community involvement and provision of the highest quality diagnostic and professional treatment services.


FMRS provides an array of services which focus both on prevention and on treatment of emotional and behavioral health problems.  FMRS staff members are active in the community, both as part of their work activity and also in their free time simply because they care about the residents of southern West Virginia.  FMRS has staff who advocate for services and policy change by participating in community partnerships and collaborative efforts such as the Family Resource Network, the Region IV Clinical Review Team and Red Cross Disaster Relief.  FMRS has long been a sponsor of blood drives and many of its staff members have volunteered their time to flood relief and other crisis response efforts.

Within the clinics and in the community, FMRS offers an array of services provided by highly qualified mental health professionals including psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurses, licensed psychologists, counselors, social workers, service coordinators, care coordinators and paraprofessionals.  Between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007, FMRS provided services to 6,826 consumers within the Fayette, Monroe, Raleigh and Summers County offices.  The staff to consumer ratio is excellent, with those approximately 6,900 consumers served by approximately 150 staff members.  The number of services provided during the year exceeded 236,000 encounters.

Our Services
FMRS Health Systems, Inc:
Serves all patients regardless of their ability to pay
Offers discounted fees for patients who qualify
Does not deny services based on a person’s:


National Origin
Sexual Orientation
Accepts insurance, including:


Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
You may apply for a discount at the front desk.

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