Detox/Crisis Stabilization Unit FAQs

How long does a typical stay at Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) last?

A typical CSU stay for detox follows a 6 day protocol that begins the first morning you are at CSU.

What clothes should I bring with me?

We typically recommend 3 comfortable outfits, a coat or sweatshirt, and pajamas. We have laundry in the facility and our staff will launder your clothes for you free of charge.

Can I have a cell phone?

Cell phones are not permitted at CSU; however, we have a house phone you can make and receive calls on when you have free time.

What areas are served by the FMRS CSU?

Raleigh, Summers, Monroe, and Fayette are our traditional home counties of service; however, if you provide commitment to attend one of our residential treatment programs after you stay at CSU, you will be eligible for admission here as well.

Can I smoke?

FMRS CSU has a smoking schedule of approximately every 2 hours. If this is problematic for you during your stay, nicotine patches are readily available upon request from the nursing staff.

Is visitation allowed at CSU?

No, visitation is not allowed at CSU during your stay. However, if you forget an item of clothing, toothbrush, etc. you are welcome to have someone drop them off to our nursing staff.

What am I allowed to have?

Hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc.)
Clothing (3 comfortable outfits, socks and shoes, pajamas, and a coat or sweatshirt)
Cigarettes for at least one week

What should I NOT bring?

Any items which are glass or contain a mirror
Cell Phones
Illegal substances
Bed Linens
Blankets or throws

 The Crisis Stabilization Unit will supply all food and linens (such as sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc).