Medication Assisted Treatment FAQs

What is the MAT program at FMRS?

The Medication-Assisted Treatment Program at FMRS is available to adults who have a substance use disorder. MAT includes therapy in conjunction with a medication such as oral naltrexone, injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol), buprenorphine, or buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone). The medical staff will work together with the client to reach the best approach to meet individual needs.

How does medication help?

The medication will assist the client by helping to eliminate the physical craving associated with the substance use.

How do I qualify for the program?

In effort to determine appropriateness for the MAT program, each client will receive a psychological and physical examination, as well as a multidimensional biopsychosocial assessment. All information obtained will be used to evaluate the appropriateness of admission to the FMRS MAT program.

What if I do not meet requirements for admission?

If a client is found to be ineligible for admission into the program, a referral will be made for the appropriate level of care for each individual’s needs.

Do I need therapy?

There are therapy requirements. Therapy will be specific to helping the client learn to self-manage their substance use or co-occurring disorders. During phase one of the program, it is required that each client receive 4 hours of counseling monthly to be completed in increments of 1 hour per week. At least one of those hours each month must include an individual therapy session.

What if my work hours conflict with appointments?

The client will be expected to attend all appointments, both medical and therapy appointments, and adequately engage in the treatment process in an effort to eliminate the use of all mood-or mind-altering substances.

Will I have drug screens?

Drug screens are required at each doctor appointment as well as at least twice monthly random drug screens.

How do I pay for MAT?

All fees associated with the program are the responsibility of the client; however, state and private insurances may be accepted upon prior approval.

Can I quit the MAT Program at any time?

Any client may decide to terminate their participation in MAT at any time. If the client informs MAT staff of their intention, they may be permitted a medication taper, and appropriate referrals can be made to other programs for a more appropriate level of care.

Can I be removed from the MAT program?

A client may be removed from MAT services and given a medication titration (as deemed appropriate) for the following reasons:

Multiple relapses and refusal of increased level of care.
Continued use of benzodiazepines or alcohol and refusal for increased level of care.
Registration in more than one program involving buprenorphine, buprenorphine/naloxone, or Vivitrol.
Receipt of controlled substances from other medical facilities; Possession of weapons on facility premises.
Violence or threats of violence toward staff, visitors, or other clients.
Behavior that is disruptive or violates the rights of other clients or is disrespectful to staff.
Consistent and/or prolonged absence from the MAT program services.
Consistently missing therapy sessions either group or individual.
Missing drug screens or any behavior that leads to serious suspicions of diversion or misuse.

 Will I get a titration from medication if removed from the program?

Any client who is removed from MAT services will be re-evaluated for appropriate level of care and clinical staff will make referrals as necessary. Titration from the medication may not be given if it is decided by medical staff that the risk of continuing the medication outweighs the risk of withdrawal symptoms. The client will be permitted to be re-evaluated for admission after a period of 30 days if it is deemed appropriate by the MAT staff.